Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's Shakin' in Katy ~ Al Caliente

Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be another Mexican restaurant in Katy...  there's another Mexican restaurant in Katy!  Al Caliente opened in January in what was Bennigans, then it was the 59 Diner, then it was Bennigan's again, but now it's Al Caliente!

If you're jonesing for some Bennigan's, there is still a Bennigan's in Texas - but you will have to take a road trip to Tyler.  I think I'll just leave my Bennigan's memories back in the 80s where they belong. Lets just say, I don't really like talking about my flair. 

Tyler is 182 miles away, and that's a long journey.  Before you go, you might want to fill up on some delicious Tex-Mex at Al Caliente, located at 20210 Katy Freeway, phone 832-321-5232.  They serve breakfast, which is what we came for.  They also serve all the traditional Tex-Mex favorites.

The breakfast tacos are awesome!  They're also good sized and quite filling.  Two will fill you up.  We tried the chorizo, the bacon and the sausage - with no cheese because cheese just messes up the flavor of the eggs in my opinion.  All were quite good but the bacon was my fave.  The sausage is not ground meat but sliced sausage links, still delicious.

The service was good and relatively quick.  The prices were quite reasonable too.

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