Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Stick Figure Families

Lately I've noticed some rather unusual stick figure families.  Unfortunately I can't always take a picture while I'm driving too closely behind someone but I saw this in a parking lot recently.

Obviously, the family riding in this car are fans of Dr. Who.  I assume from the bow on the top of the second Tardis that the family consists of a Dad, a Mom and two sons (no small bow so it must be sons) and a dog.  Aw, cute and clever.

Another one I saw was while driving at dusk so the quality of the photo is not the best.  I tried to jack with the contrast so it would be clear enough.  Take a look.

It appears that the father is into archery, a potentially dangerous hobby for a man with 6 kids and a large number of pets.
The mother likes to shop and talk on her cell phone, how stereotypical is that? Unless that's not a purse in her hand, it could be a weirdly shaped green skull.
Son #1 is a fisherman.
Son #2 likes to skate board while carrying a butterfly net and a bag of some sort.  Maybe a bag for butterflies he catches while skateboarding.
Daughter #1 has a megaphone in one hand, no doubt so she can be heard over her siblings, and a small purse in her other hand, I think, it's hard to tell.
Daughter #2 is a cheerleader.  The pom pom in her left hand is obscuring Baby #1.
Baby #1 is comparatively nondescript but what do you expect form a baby who is clearly overshadowed by his/her sister?
Baby #2 apparently likes to play soccer.  Another scary thought.
6 KIDS!!!  But, that's not all.  Lets not forget the pets.  There is a bird, a fish, a dog that is missing it's head (maybe that's what the Mom is carrying) two cats and another dog.
That is one big family and I don't think they will all fit into the SUV.  If I were that Mom, I wouldn't be carrying a green skull, I can tell you that much.  I would be carrying a large glass of wine, or maybe some ear plugs.  Maybe the cell phone is so she can call a babysitter so she and her hubby can go out for a night of bow and arrow action.

Anyway, it occurred to me that I must be 10 or 15 years behind the times because I have never had a stick figure family on the back of my vehicle.  I never felt the need.  Also, I have never seen them for sale anywhere.  I must not shop in the right places.  I looked on Amazon and you can get a variety of stick figure decals doing a variety of things.  They're cooking, playing golf, dancing, shopping, - and generally having a lot more fun than I am.

If I had a stick figure family it would consist of two over-worked parents and a couple of teen girls still trying to sell girl scout cookies.  Oh, and two cats, each still in possession of their heads.

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