Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Cool Feelings - Summer Edition

So, back in the day - 104 KRBE had a morning guy, Psycho Robbie, who did a segment called, Cool Feelings.  It was very subtle humor and I loved it.  Here's one I remember:
  • When you're at a party, and you set your glass down and walk away, then when you come back, you can't remember which one is your glass - that's a cool feeling.
The cool feelings were neither negative nor positive.  They were just kind of meh.  Those moments when something slightly interesting happens or when things don't quite go your way.  Little ironies. For the record - none of them actually make you feel cooler in any sense of the word, especially not in the way iced tea would.

The beach in Gulfport Mississippi - shown here to indicate Summertime 

So, I've come up with a few Cool Feelings of my own:
  • When people tell you that you used to look cute - that's a cool feeling
  • When you drop your book in the pool - that's a cool feeling
  • When you nag everyone to wear sunscreen, then you're the one who gets a sunburn - that's a cool feeling
  • When you're half way through unloading the dishwasher before you realize, nobody ran the dishwasher and you've just put a bunch of dirty dishes away - that's a cool feeling
  • When you see the first Back To School sale at Target - that's a cool feeling
  • When it's so hot outside that you're glad to see an overcast day - that's a cool feeling (even though it's hot)
  • When you see egrets on the side of the road - that's a cool feeling
  • When people forget to complain - that's a cool feeling
  • When the phone rings, but you can't get to it before it goes to voice mail - that's a cool feeling.
  • When the waitress refills your iced tea, but she pours out of the side of the pitcher so you get ice up to the top of the glass and only about two gulps worth of tea - that's a cool feeling.

Cissy and I saw this Egret by the road.  We named  him Gerald.

Maybe some of mine are a tiny bit negative.  Little, miniscule complaints that aren't worth bothering about.

What are some of your cool feelings?