Monday, October 10, 2016

Tickets are selling fast for the 5th Annual Charity Boo Bash

Have Fun - Win Prizes - Help Kids with Chronic Illnesses! 
  •  Date:  Saturday, October 29, 2016
  •  Time:  6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
  •  Place:  Constellation Field – Insperity Club, 1 Stadium Drive, Sugarland
We never grow up, do we?  Remember the fun you had as a kid around Halloween?  A time to dress up in whatever outrageous, crazy costume you wanted and go out at night with your friends, in search of treats?  Now that you're all grown up, the fun doesn't have to end.  The annual Charity Boo Bash gives you an excuse to dress up and go out at night with friends and play fun games, win cool prizes and it's all for a good cause.  You are in for a scary good time!
Don’t miss the best time you’ll have in a costume.  The 5th Annual Charity Boo Bash promises to be a Halloween soiree like no other.  Tickets for the Boo Bash are on sale now at  Admission is $55 and includes dinner, a welcome bag of goodies, and a spooky good time.  Sponsorships for the event are also available.

Nick Bourdoumis and Mikaela Aschoff at Boo Bash 2015

The party will feature a delicious gourmet dinner with dessert, drinks, casino games, prizes, a photo booth, costume contests and DJ Johnny Bravo.  Boo Bash 2016 will be held at Constellation Field, home of the Sugar Land Skeeters, in the Insperity Club, a unique party space behind home plate on the deluxe skybox level.  All proceeds benefit Mik’s Hidden Hearts Alliance (MHHA), a charity for teens and young adults with Dysautonomia and other debilitating illnesses. 
The Boo Bash provides ample opportunities for party-goers to win prizes, both big and small.  There will be silent and live auctions with a variety of items including a Destin Florida Condo get-away and round-trip airfare for two to any location in the continental US.  Raffle tickets will be available with prizes of date-nights for a year, a year of gourmet coffee or a family movie-night out.  Costume contests offer cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.  There will be plenty of other chances to win including a prize pull and a 50/50 cash drawing. 
With the Boo Bash growing in popularity every year, it is becoming the social event of the season.  In previous years, the event has been held at various locations in Katy.  Keri Aschoff, President of MHHA, said, “Boo Bash has sold out for the last three years straight, we moved to a bigger location to accommodate more guests.”  The Insperity Club features large windows overlooking the field and a fun, inviting banquet space for up to 300 people.  “Having our special 5th Annual Boo Bash there will not only allow us to have more guests,” Aschoff said, “it also lets us go bigger and better with decorations and entertainment.  Boo Bash is a can’t-miss event for all adults in our community who want to have a great time and help out a very good cause!” 
The venue at Constellation Field also provides a separate lounge/party space to accommodate the special needs of the chronically ill teens that MHHA serves.  Aschoff said, “it’s a way for them to socialize with others who understand their world.”
MHHA is a non-profit organization dedicated to outreach to homebound and hospitalized teens with dysautonomia and other hidden, life changing illnesses. MHHA was founded in 2011 by Mikaela Aschoff, after she fell ill with dysautonomia in her freshman year of high school. The organization provides gifts, hope kits, and monthly socials for these chronically ill young people as well as the annual Anti-PROM, a formal dinner and casino-night party for teens affected by hidden illnesses. MHHA also works to spread awareness of Dysautonomia.
Dysautonomia is considered a “hidden illness” because the sufferers often look healthy to the casual observer. It is, however, a complex condition caused by a dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system and can affect the cardiovascular, endocrine, metabolic and gastrointestinal systems. Dysautonomia can cause very painful and debilitating symptoms. For more information, visit
If you are interested in donating an auction item or would like information about becoming an event sponsor, please contact Lisa Marlowe at or call 713-261-8727. 

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Help MADD fight drunk driving at Walk Like MADD October 15

READ THE LABEL: Local deputy warns that certain medications can impair driving

Help MADD fight drunk and drugged driving at Walk Like MADD October 15

Mothers Against Drunk Driving wants to educate drivers about the consequences of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Many people don’t realize that this includes a number of prescription medications. It’s important to be aware of the effects of any drug before getting behind the wheel.

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Bartoskewitz has had many roadside conversations with drivers who did not realize that prescription drugs had impaired their driving. “Prescription medications absolutely can affect driving ability,” Bartoskewitz said. “Anti-depressants, pain relievers, blood pressure medications, and even cough suppressants are capable of dangerously impairing your driving ability.”

Montgomery County Sheriff's Deputy, Brandon Baroskewitz

When taking prescription drugs, it’s important to heed the warning labels. “If the medication states that it could cause drowsiness or dizziness, could cause changes in sleep patterns, or warns against operating heavy machinery,” Bartoskewitz said, “cars are very heavy machines – you should absolutely not drive until you are sure of the effects the medication has on you.”

Bartoskewitz advised that over-the-counter – or OTC – medicines are generally safe if taken according to package directions. He warns against combining OTC medications with prescription drugs and with alcohol. “Taking any prescriptions or OTC medications outside of the package’s specifications or in combination with other drugs, alcohol, or illicit drugs can cause dangerous effects,” Bartoskewitz said, “not only for driving but for your personal health.”

The consequences of driving under the influence of drugs, whether prescribed by a doctor or OTC medications, are the same as driving impaired by alcohol or any other substance. “The first offense is up to six months in jail, a $2,000 fine, license suspension, probation, and other potential sanctions,” Bartoskewitz said. In the event of an injury, the sentence is more severe. “If someone is seriously injured, the penalty goes to 2-10 years in prison with up to a $10,000 fine,” Bartoskewitz said, “and if someone is killed, the penalty is 2-20 years in prison with up to a $10,000 fine. It’s absolutely not worth it.”

One way to help spread the word about the dangers of drunk and drugged driving is to join Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) this year at the 6th annual Walk Like MADD and MADD Dash in The Woodlands on Saturday, October 15 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at Northshore Park. This is the major fundraising event for MADD. Walk Like MADD is a 5K walk and MADD Dash is a family-friendly 5K run to raise awareness and funds to eliminate drunk driving and keep families and communities safe.

Corporate walking teams are a good way for companies to get involved. “It’s not too late to get together a corporate team,” said Heather Smith, Special Events Manager for MADD Southeast Texas Affiliate. Participation can create visibility for a company. “It shows the community that you care about the issues affecting them and their children,” Smith said.

Smith said, “Companies that participate in Walk Like MADD benefit in a variety of ways, including an award of recognition for the top corporate team at the walk.” Other benefits include:
  • ·         Volunteering fosters teamwork, creativity and leadership
  • ·         Customers are more likely to buy form companies perceived as good corporate citizens
  • ·         Your company is positioned as a leader in the corporate community
  • ·         Your involvement increases awareness on drunk driving and underage drinking
  • ·         It’s a way to honor and memorialize the victims of drunk driving crashes
  • ·         Your company and employees raise funds to support the lifesaving work of MADD

Smith encourages corporate teams and individuals to register now for Walk Like MADD and MADD Dash. “Join us in the fight against drunk driving and play a key role in keeping our roads safe,” Smith said. To form a corporate team, register at