Sunday, January 17, 2016

What's Shakin' in Katy - Slim Chickens

If you've been out to Cinemark recently, you may have noticed a new eatery between Red Robin and La Madeliene.  Slim Chickens is a fast food style chicken place that opened in December. It's a chain that started in Arkansas and plans to open several new locations in Houston, Austin and San Antonio.

Tenders, fries and Texas toast at Slim Chickens

I thought, "Slim Chickens? What an odd name." It brought to mind the late TV and movie actor, Slim Pickens.  He rode a nuclear bomb in Dr. Strangelove and acted in various westerns, including Blazing Saddles. Anyway, I was still puzzled about the name Slim Chickens.  Their website says:  Who is Slim?  Slim is our nod to the life-changing legends of the south - the musicians, the storytellers, the food and the soul ...the eternally cool.  So, that clears that up.

The phrase "slim pickings" means not much to choose from, another concept that doesn't quite jibe with the restaurant in question.  There are actually plenty of choices.

Another misconception I had was that it might be a diet chicken restaurant.  Nope!  You could hardly call fried chicken "slimming."

Anyway, they serve southern fried chicken (or grilled if you're health conscious) and fries and Texas toast and salads that are surprisingly fresh and not just an after thought. They have handmade dipping sauces which my Honey Bunch did enjoy. We had a party of four and got tenders and a salad.  It was good and fast so we made it to the movie on time, which is important.

Slims Salad ~ sans the onion straws

We did not try the wings, or the wraps (maybe next time) or the fried pies or any of their desserts in Mason jars.  There are also other sides like potato salad, mac and cheese, fried okra and coleslaw etc.

Oh, and they have chicken and waffles.  I have never understood why people eat this.  Chicken with syrup on it does not sound good to me at all.

Give it a try.  We liked it.  It was not "life-changing" as their website did claim but I never expected chicken to change my life anyway.

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