Monday, September 7, 2015

Women Over 50 - I'm in Good Company

My uncle told me yesterday, "You know you're getting old when people start saying, You're looking good rather than you're good-looking."

One way to feel better about getting older is to list some good-looking celebrities who are the same age or older than you.  It's hard to find some that will actually admit their advanced years but they are out there.  Back when I turned 40 I began noticing celebs who I thought were my age were now suddenly only 35.  I don't know how they got away with that, having played high school students in the 80s but hey, I'm not here to judge...  Okay, I'm totally here to judge but that's not the point.

I'm taking a cue from Steve Martin in Father of the Bride, who had his secretary research celebs who were older than him, such as Mick Jagger.  We don't need a secretary though, because we have IMDB.

So here are some talented women who are either turning 50 this year or have passed that milestone in the last few years but still manage to look amazing:

1.  Viola Davis - on the cover of AARP - she owns it
2.  Shania Twain - with whom I share a Birthday
3.  Elle McPherson - still drop-dead gorgeous at 51
4.  Sandra Bullock - People Magazine's Most Beautiful Woman 2015 at the age of 51
5.  Courteney Cox - Your friend and mine, born in 1964
6.  Sheryl Crow - At 53 she still has a golden voice to go with her golden tresses
7.  J.K. Rowling - One month older than me, and not bad looking for a writer
8.  Brooke Sheilds - Like me, born in 1965, I feel like we grew up together
9.  Vanessa Williams - Fabulous at 52
10.  Mary-Louise Parker - One year older than me and my favorite suburban pot dealer
11.  Sarah Jessica Parker - Also born in 1965, she will always be a square peg to me

Yes, my list goes to eleven.  There are many more famous women over 50 but these are several I admire.  I was hoping to put Salma Hayek and Halle Berry on the list but, alas, they are only spring chickens at just 49.  We'll get you next year, my pretties.

Now, I can't fool myself into thinking I look as good as these ladies.  But, maybe I could look that good if I had piles of money and a team of experts at my beck and call. Let's compare:

  • They have personal trainers ~ I have Aqua Zumba
  • They have make-up artists ~ I have Maybelline 
  • They have hair stylists ~ I have Loreal
  • They have designer clothes ~ I have mom-jeans from Walmart
  • They have personal chefs ~ I have Lean Cuisine

All in all, not too shabby.  I can work with it.  I've heard that comparison is the thief of joy but not if you have good excuses. 

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